In just two days, this video has surpassed 81,000 views.  Under the title "TSA Nabs Suspected Al Queda Terrorist At Chicago Airport, A toddler in a wheelchair", the video shows then-3-year-old Rocco, in a wheelchair with a bodycast, being searched by a TSA agent.

According to the boy's father, Matt DuBiel, the video was made in 2010 when the family was going on vacation to Disney World.  Matt's commented on the video's post,

“I was told I could NOT touch him or come near him during this process. Instead we had to pretend this was 'OK' so he didn’t panic.”

DuBiel told MSNBC that he came across the video while going through old home movies.  He uploaded the video to youtube so family and friends could see what he had been talking about.  Though the video is almost 2-years-old, and TSA has recently changed their policies of children under 12, DuBiel still feels the way he did the day it happened,

“At the time, they didn’t  have the rules in place for children that they have now. But, regardless of the new or old rules, my position is that it’s unacceptable to treat a toddler this way.”

“That’s the TSA and that is my son. And he is wearing a body cast. The TSA agent did the best he could with a ridiculous situation, but someone should have stepped in and said, ‘That’s enough.’ "

DuBiel said that he didn't make a fuss at the time because he was worried about getting his family through security in a timely manner.  The TSA has revamped their policies dealing with children under 12, and children with disabilities, saying,

“if your child is unable to walk or stand, the Security Officer will conduct a pat-down search of your child while he/she remains in their mobility aid, as well as a visual and physical inspection of their equipment.”

The viral nature of this video was big enough to get the attention of the TSA who, according to a spokesperson, is aware of the video and reviewing it.