You can't walk out of a store without paying, just because you find the beeping from the checkout scanners super annoying.  Well one Wichita Falls man thought differently, and now his alleged female accomplice is now in police custody.

A while back, Jessica Echoles visited the Wal-Mart on Lawrence Road in Wichita Falls, with another man whose identity has not been released at this time.  According to KFDX, the pair first made the store’s security suspicious when they started quickly loading tons of different items into their shopping carts without even looking at the prices.

After stuffing their shopping carts full of random merchandise, the duo then went straight to the self-checkout line.  After the man scanned a few of the items, he left the store with several un-scanned items.  The man later told police that he tried to pay for all of his items, but couldn't because his card was rejected.   He even said that had to get out of the store ASAP, because all of the beeping from the checkout lanes was annoying him.

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KFDX is also reporting that Echoles also went to a self-checkout register, scanned a few of the items, and after using a card that was declined, she left the store altogether.  Investigators believe that the man left with a majority of the items that the duo wanted, and that Echoles stayed behind to make it appear that they were paying for the merchandise.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

Earlier this week, Echoles was taken into custody and charged by law enforcement.  Charges are still pending on her alleged male accomplice, who has not been arrested yet.

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