The Wichita Falls Adult Literacy Council is saying this book fair will have double the books and triple the space of their previous events.

The 21st annual WALC Book Fair is this Thursday through Saturday and it's in a brand new location. For several years the book fairs have been held at the Sikes Lake Center building at Midwestern State University. The room was filled with rows of tables filled with books and just enough space for readers to wander through and find their treasures. This year the Book Fair will be held in the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall at the MPEC. That means the WALC will have a lot more space to work with so shoppers can spread out and maintain some social distancing as they browse.

Wichita Adult Literacy Council via Facebook

If you've never been to one of the Wichita Adult Literacy Council's Book Fairs here's what to expect. Books. Tons and tons of previously owned books. Books about cooking. Books about astronomy. Books about history. Books about murder and mayhem. Science fiction books. Books for kids. Books for grownups. Books for grownups who act like kids. Pretty much books on any topic you can think of and all at incredibly low prices. Hardbacks are just $2 and paperbacks are just $1 each. Those prices frequently drop as they get closer to closing on Saturday. Because the prices are so low, and because you'll probably find a bunch of books you want to take home, it's a good idea to bring a few sturdy shopping bags with you to carry them all in. The Wichita Adult Literacy Council says there are 5,000 square feet of children's books and 10,000 square feet of books for the adults.

The Book Fair is free to attend on Friday and Saturday, but if you want first pick of all of those titles you can pay $10 and go to the Early Bird Night from 5:00 until 8:00 on Thursday. Teachers can get in free on Thursday night if they bring their school ID.

Because they've got so much more space to work with there will be some special activities going on in the MPEC Auditorium on Saturday with magic shows and River Bend Nature Center.

Wichita Adult Literacy Council via Facebook

If your appetite involves more than just books there will also be food trucks on hand on Saturday.

Book Fairs like this are one way that the Wichita Adult Literacy Council raises funds to fulfill their mission of helping people improve their literacy skills.

The 21st Annual Wichita Adult Literacy Council Book Fair is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall at the MPEC. You're encouraged to use the West entrance when you go.

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