Water Slide World, a formerly very popular water park in Lake George, New York was known as much for its catchy jingle as it was for its slippery rides.  But this park that was number one in family fun hasn't had water pumped through its pipes since it was shut down back in 2017.

So, it's only natural, one would think, that it's rotting away high up in the Adirondacks, right?  A lot of times when we see YouTubers enthusiastically posting videos online of their abandoned escapes, what we see is the corrugated decay of what used to be, but not in this case. 

Looks to be in perfectly good working order

I can't speak on the innards of Water Slide World, and I'm no expert in the area of abandoned exploration, but this place looks pretty darn good of you to ask.  Heck, I've only been sitting around for two years during the pandemic - as opposed to 4 years since WSL was abandoned -  and there's a helluva lot more wore and tear on me.

When YouTubers went inside with a drone in early October, it somehow looks as if Water Slide World has been frozen in time as it sits abandoned in Lake George since 2017.  The tubes look clean, nothing has been defaced, paint doesn't appear to be chipping and the landscaping looks better than most places that are regularly maintained.

Could we see a return in the near future?

Editor's Note: Respect all property rights and enjoy abandoned locations from public roadways.

Abandoned for Years, Water Slide World Still in Remarkably Good Shape


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