It could happen to anyone, right? You're walking down the street at night, you see a baggie of something that looks like meth, so you decided to eat a little bit of it.

That's apparently what happened to a Wichita Falls man back in February. According to the arrest warrant police were called to a home in the 600 block of Fillmore street to assist paramedics with a man who was lying on his front porch.

The man turned out to be Michael Deegan who allegedly admitted to police that he'd found a baggie on the ground and based on previous usage he thought it was meth. Since he was short on funds at the time he decided to pick it up to see if he could sell it for some cash. He also decided to try a couple small shards just to be sure it was quality stuff.

Later he began to experience chest pains and called 9-1-1, that's when the paramedics and police showed up. Before he was transported by ambulance to the hospital Deegan told an officer that the baggie was inside the house in his medicine cabinet and that the officer could go inside to find it as he didn't want it any more.

The officer found the baggie where Deegan said it would be and it did indeed test positive for methamphetamine. The 7.8 grams of meth was turned in to the WFPD as evidence.

According to the Times Record News this all happened back on February 3rd, but because of COVID-19 restrictions on jail occupancy the arrest warrant wasn't issued until yesterday. He has now been arrested and charged with Manufacturing / Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

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