The mother of a Ben Franklin Elementary student is saying that the school didn't even call her or the police after a substitute teacher allegedly choked her son.

Krystal Catano said that her 11-year-old son was choked by a substitute teacher around 8:30 am Tuesday morning after the teacher had asked the class to quiet down. According to Catano, the principal conducted her own investigation after it was brought up by another teacher. Catano said she wasn't notified of the incident until hours later, and that the school never contacted the police,

They know what to do when a child hits a teacher, right, they call the police. So, they're not going to call the police when a teacher hits a student? My son's telling me he got choked, I'm going to believe him. I'm his mom. Who else is going to stand up for him?

KFDX reached out to WFISD for a response, with PIO issuing a statement on behalf of the Superintendent, Michael Kuhrt, saying they investigated the incident and while they admit that the substitute teacher handled the situation inappropriately and would be removed from the substitute list, they concluded that the incident did not require notifying police or CPS.

Catano filed a police report later on Tuesday, and was even asked by the responding officer why the school hadn't notified them.

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