Pfizer has released data on the side effects experienced after getting the COVID-19 booster shot and they sound pretty familiar.

I’ve had the Moderna vaccine myself, so I can’t personally speak to the side effects of the Pfizer, but my wife, son and several other people I know have had the Pfizer and most experienced the most common side effects as those who participated in the booster trials.

CBS 17 is reporting that Pfizer released data to the FDA that broke down the side effects of the shot.

The most common side effect is injection site pain, which is in line with almost everyone I talk to. It was the same for me with the Moderna. My arm hurt like hell after getting both shots, which is crazy because the shot itself is one of the least painful I’ve ever had.

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The best news is that not many trial participants experienced severe side effects. Those who did experienced extreme fatigue and muscle pain.

According to the study, people between the ages of 18 and 55 represented the largest group of those who experienced side effects.

Overall, 83% of participants from 18-55 experienced injection site pain, while 66.7% of people from 65-85 reported injection site pain.

Fatigue was the second most common side effect. 63.8% of people from 18-55 were fatigued following the booster shot while 41.7% of participants ages 65-85 experienced fatigue.

Finally, 48.4% of participants ages 18-55 reported having a headache after the booster with 41.7% of those in the 65-85 age group experiencing a headache.

As of this posting, the FDA has not yet approved a third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

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