What is the minimum you now have to make per hour to afford the rent on a two-bedroom apartment in Texas?

In the midst of an affordable housing crisis, its becoming increasingly difficult for people to afford the rent on a family-sized apartment. As reported by Yahoo, a recent report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition breaks down the amount you had to make per hour in 2017 to afford a two-bedroom apartment from state-to-state. And with on-going federal plans to increase rent on low-income housing, these numbers are likely to go up. For the purposes of this report, "affordability" is defined as no more than 30% of someone's total income.

Texas is near the middle of the national pack, coming in just under the national average of $21.21 with a minimum hourly wage of $18.38. Overall, the list ranges from as low as $9.63 per hour in Puerto Rico to as high as $35.20 per hour in Hawaii. For two-income families, some of these wages aren't too far fetched. But for single parents, a lot of these wages seem like pipe dreams, especially with the current federal minimum wage and the Texas minimum wage at only $7.25 per hour.

The complete state-to-state breakdown, from highest to lowest minimum hourly wage:

State Hourly Wage
Hawaii $35.20
Washington D.C. $33.58
California $30.92
Maryland $28.27
New York $28.08
Massachusetts $27.39
New Jersey $27.31
Connecticut $24.72
Alaska $24.16
Washington $23.84
Virginia $23.29
Colorado $21.97
Vermont $21.90
New Hampshire $21.71
Delaware $21.62
Illinois $20.87
Florida $20.68
Oregon $19.78
Rhode Island $19.49
Pennsylvania $18.68
Minnesota $18.60
Texas $18.38
Maine $18.05
Nevada $18.01
Arizona $17.56
Utah $17.02
Georgia $16.79
North Dakota $16.36
Michigan $16.24
Louisiana $16.16
Wisconsin $16.11
South Carolina $15.83
North Carolina $15.79
New Mexico $15.78
Missouri $15.67
Wyoming $15.62
Kansas $15.59
Tennessee $15.34
Nebraska $15.22
Indiana $15.17
Ohio $15.00
Montana $14.90
Mississippi $14.84
Alabama $14.78
Oklahoma $14.78
Idaho $14.65
Iowa $14.57
West Virginia $14.49
South Dakota $14.12
Kentucky $13.95
Arkansas $13.72
Puerto Rico $9.68