We always wonder about states we aren't familiar with.  And while we may be intimately familiar with Texas, do you ever wonder what questions others have about the Lone Star State?

Over the last two months, Mental Floss has searched Google, specifically through Google Chrome's Incognito mode, to find what are the most Googled questions for each state in the country, focusing on two questions,

Why is (state) so...?

Why does (state)...?

They excluded questions that focused on sports teams, with the exception of Alabama since that's the vast majority of Googled questions.

First, what questions about Texas do people hope Google has the answer for?

  • Why is Texas so big?
  • Why does Texas want to secede?

For other states, questioned ranged from their status in the electoral college, their climate, to why they even exist in the first place.  The most Googled questions for the rest of the states, in alphabetical order, were...


  • Why is Alabama so good?
  • Why does Alabama have 28 on their helmets?


  • Why is Alaska so cold?
  • Why does Alaska have so many earthquakes?


  • Why is Arizona so cheap?
  • Why does Arizona no observe daylight savings time?


  • Why is Arkansas so humid?
  • Why does Arkansas have the highest obesity rate?


  • Why is California so expensive?
  • Why does California have the most seats in the house?


  • Why is Colorado so fit?
  • Why does Colorado hate California?


  • Why is Connecticut so haunted?
  • Why does Connecticut have a silent C?


  • Why is Delaware so dangerous?
  • Why does Delaware exist?


  • Why is Florida so weird?
  • Who does Florida suck?


  • Why is Georgia so hot?
  • Why does Georgia have so many countries? (Possibly they meant "counties", but that's how the result came up.)


  • Why is Hawaii so hot?
  • Why does Hawaii have volcanoes?


  • Why is Idaho so Republican?
  • Why does Idaho grow potatoes?


  • Why is Illinois so broke?
  • Why does Illinois have earthquakes?


  • Why is Indiana so Republican?
  • Why does Indiana have a teacher shortage?


  • Why is Iowa so important?
  • Why does Iowa vote first?


  • Why is Kansas so bad at football?
  • Why does Kansas have so many tornadoes?


  • Why is Kentucky so poor?
  • Why does Kentucky have two time zones?


  • Why is Louisiana so hot?
  • Who does Louisiana speak French?


  • Why is Maine so white?
  • Why does Maine split electoral votes?


  • Why is Maryland so rich?
  • Why does Maryland hate O'Malley?


  • Why is Massachusetts so liberal?
  • Why does Massachusetts have the best schools?


  • My is Michigan so poor?
  • Why does Michigan have the up?


  • Why is Minnesota so cold?
  • Why does Minnesota vote Democrat?


  • Why is Mississippi so poor?
  • Why does Mississippi have a Confederate Flag?


  • Why is Missouri so racist?
  • Why does Missouri have two NFL teams?


  • Why is Montana so empty?
  • Why does Montana hate the FBI?


  • Why is Nebraska so flat?
  • Why does Nebraska smell?


  • Why is Nevada so dry?
  • Why does Nevada allow prostitution?

New Hampshire

  • Why is New Hampshire so important for elections?
  • Why does New Hampshire have the first primary?

New Jersey

  • Why is New Jersey so bad?
  • Why does New Jersey have the highest population density?

New Mexico

  • Why is New Mexico so enchanting?
  • Why does New Mexico hate Texas?

New York

  • Why is New York so expensive?
  • Why does New York have three NFL teams?

North Carolina

  • Why is North Carolina so hot?
  • Why does North Carolina say first in freedom?

North Dakota

  • Why is North Dakota so cold?
  • Why does North Dakota exist?


  • Why is Ohio so important?
  • Why does Ohio vote early?


  • Why is Oklahoma so bad?
  • Why does Oklahoma have so many earthquakes?


  • Why is Oregon so liberal?
  • Why does Oregon have full service gas?


  • Why is Pennsylvania so boring?
  • Why does Pennsylvania vote Democrat?

Rhode Island

  • Why is Rhode Island so small?
  • Why does Rhode Island exist?

South Carolina

  • Why is South Carolina so dangerous?
  • Why does South Carolina have so many dams?

South Dakota

  • Why is South Dakota so windy?
  • Why does South Dakota have low unemployment?


  • Why is Tennessee so violent?
  • Why does Tennessee have two time zones?


  • Why is Utah so Mormon?
  • Why does Utah have a young population?


  • Why is Vermont so liberal?
  • Why does Vermont have a low crime rate?


  • Why is Virginia so racist?
  • Why does Virginia have 13 electoral votes?


  • Why is Washington so liberal?
  • Why does Washington have the highest minimum wage?

West Virginia

  • Why is West Virginia so poor?
  • Why does West Virginia exist?


  • Why is Wisconsin so cold?
  • Why does Wisconsin have a NHL team?


  • Why is Wyoming so empty?
  • Why does Wyoming have red roads?