If you’re a parent, you’ve recently had to endure the mess of a scavenger hunt known as school supply shopping. You can easily be spotted by the chaotic look on your face and sense of anxiety. The good news is, you’ll be here again next year. These mind-boggling lists make us ask ourselves, “Are 10 jumbo glue sticks necessary?” Just breathe. You know you’ll only purchase 9 because they’re sold in packs of 3.

We know the parent struggles but what do our teachers think about these lists? Behind the child-loving smiles must be an opinion. Here are just a few of what they MUST think.

  • 20 #2 Pencils- Yes, if you expect me to teach your little ray of sunshine to write well enough for an application, I must first teach him or her to write legibly. This will require LOTS of practice.
  • Scissors- For cutting out projects. Or their hair. Or clothes. Depending on if my back is turned at the white board.
  • 2 Boxes of 10 Washable Markers- Yes, “Washable” LOL Good one!
  • 4 Boxes of Crayons – Let’s be honest, half of these will get lost, broken or eaten. You could buy 20 boxes, yet we’ll only end up with 2 white crayons at the end of the year.
  • 10 Jumbo Glue Sticks - Little hands mean the need of JUMBO glue sticks. Plus, your face gets all mushy when you see those Mother’s Day projects. These will also be eaten. Your child will be fine.
  • 4 Pink Pearl Erasers - For big mistakes. If only they erased my tired eyes.
  • 5 Solid Color Pocket Folders – What I’ll receive are 3 folders with brads and 2 Lisa Frank folders. Parents should follow instructions. Tisk Tisk.
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes – I don’t understand the question. There are no fewer than 20 germ factories with runny noses and questionable hand-washing techniques. It’s cheaper than doctor visits.
  • Facial Wipes - See # 8
  • 1 Watercolor Paints - You can thank me when your little one grows up to be the next Monet.

I’m entrusted with 20 plus “gifts” (and their parents) for an underwhelming annual rate. You can ignore half of these supplies go unused and I’ll ignore that you don’t sign their folders, use the wrong drop-off lane and continue to send homemade party snacks. Before long, you’ll be paying college tuition and wishing facial wipes were your biggest problem.

As frustrating as school shopping is, let's set our children up for success by being prepared. Invest in our tiny humans so they can go forward and possibly be the next teacher, doctor, engineer, even President.

If you were able to read this without help, thank a teacher.

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