Wondering when it will start to feel a lot like Christmas around here? I’ve got you covered.

Well, not really. I’m just reporting on a study that was conducted by Family Destinations Guide. So, if you’re not in the holiday spirit when they say you should be, it’s not on me.

Isn’t it amazing how people’s feelings about Christmas evolve over the years?

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As a kid, I was ready for the next Christmas on December 26th. Seriously. I would already start putting together my wish list the day after Christmas.

And then I grew up. And while I still enjoyed it, Christmas started to become a bit of a chore because the street goes both ways at that point. Sure, I looked forward to getting presents, but not so much when it came to giving presents (I know, I’m bad. But at least I’m honest).

And then I had a kid. And then another kid.

At that point, Christmas became a thing that I didn’t want to hear a word about before November. The stress of worrying about whether my wife and I were financially prepared could be overwhelming. I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but it still stresses me at times.

But with that being said, I still find myself getting in the Christmas spirit. For me, it’s usually around the time we put the lights and all of the decorations up around the house, which we typically do the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So, I’m actually a little bit ahead of most Texans when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit, according to the study. The researchers determined that Monday, December 5th is the first day that the majority of Texans will begin to feel the holiday spirit.

So, how about you? Are you feeling all Christmassy yet or are you not yet ready to think about it?

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