Remember when your teacher would say, "Show me the steps that got you here." I need more info please.

We could debate all day what the best fast food burger in Texas is. I would think many here would say Whataburger is easily, a top five fast food chain burger in the state. What if I told you in a recent survey it didn't even qualify? According to Top Agency (I don't think they should be allowed to call themselves the top of anything except a trash pile), they have determined the top five burger chains by state.

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Of course we had to go look for what it says about Texas...A&W is number one. I have had A&W, I really like it. I really don't know how many Texans have honestly had it. In the entire state of Texas, 13 A&W's exist. I was always a fan of their corn dog nuggets with an A&W float. Not really a big burger guy myself there personally.


Number 2: In N Out. I still have yet to try it so I can't comment on what reigns supreme. Steak N' Shake comes in at three, no complaints here. I can see that as a top five chain in the state. Shake Shack at four, overrated as hell to me. Not in my top five, but I will eat it. Culvers closes it out at five for the top in Texas. Culvers sucks, they wouldn't make a top ten list for me.


How in the hell did Whataburger not make it for Texas? Maybe they were left off the list? Nope, they came in at number three for Alabama and four for Mississippi. Top Agency says they used a combination of GPS tracking data from the largest burger chains mixed with a survey of 1,000 Americans. I think your GPS tracking is broken Top Agency, every Whataburger line has a pretty significant wait time.

I am not saying Whataburger has to be number one in Texas, but it has to make the top five. Throw Culvers the hell out of there and put Whataburger in.

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