Whataburger is now invading the candy market.

I've said it before, Texans love for Whataburger is something that I don't think any other state even comes close to. I think the reason we love Whataburger is the fact the food is good and they're open 24/7. Whataburger always has your back. Whataburger has so much more than fast food going on.

They have Whataburger birthday supplies, someone made a Whataburger chicken coop, and people have gotten married at Whataburger. So it's no shock that people would want to partner up with Whataburger. The latest team-up is with the famous candy company PEZ.

PEZ has been making candy for almost a century. They have had famous dispensers throughout the years. Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now you can add Whataburger to the list. The PEZ dispensers are available in packs of two at the Whataburger website. Comes with three packs of candy as well for $10.99. A must-have for the Whataburger fanatic in your life.

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