A unique phenomena is literally sweeping across Texoma, leaving a lot of arachnophobics saying, "Aw hell no!"

Many have observed white puffs floating across the city and getting tangled in high posts and electrical wires. Further investigation revealed these to be spiderwebs attached to migrating spiders in a practice known as "ballooning."

In ballooning, a spider will climb to a high point and shoot webbing into the air, creating a triangular parachute that catches the wind and carries the spider across large distances.

Female spiders produce egg sacs with as many as 2,500 eggs inside. After hatching, the spiderlings have to disperse to avoid competing with one another for prey. They do this by spinning silk to create a balloon- or tent-like sheet that will catch the wind and blow them to new homes. Airborne spiders? Creepy!

It is currently uncertain if the migrating spiders originated from the area or blew in on the winds overnight, but what is certain is that this is an arachnid invasion and we need to call the only man that can save us!

Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

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