There is meaning behind a teal-colored pumpkin if you see one on a porch this Halloween.

It's a signal about what that home will be passing out to trick-or-treaters, and if your kids are like mine you'll definitely want this heads up!

If you see a pumpkin painted teal sitting on a front porch, that's a sign that there's no candy at that house. No candy?! What?

I know! But it's to help kids who shouldn't have candy know that it's safe to trick-or-treat there.

With so many food allergies these days, plus diabetes, food intolerances and other special diets, a good portion of the trick-or-treating population can't take part in the traditional candy haul (and some parents just don't want them to rake in the sugar rush).

The Teal Pumpkin Project was born out of that idea. Teal pumpkin homes will be passing out pencils, stickers and things like that again this year.

I get the need for non-edible options, but I gotta say, those non-candy offerings at Halloween are a huge disappointment for lots of kids, including my three Starburst-loving goblins. Mama doesn't mind the lack of sugar one bit!

So, it's your choice. Rush up to the houses with Teal Pumpkins, or run far away from them.

I just thought you should have the heads up so the kids don't get a big, fat, pencil-shaped surprise on Halloween night. Teal pumpkins look kinda cool, and now you know they are there for more than just decoration.

It might mean a lot to your friends and neighbors to have some alternatives.

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