It's not every day that a reality TV star comes to hang out with us. So, when America's Favorite House Guest from 'Big Brother 17,' James Huling, said he'd come over, we knew we had to do something fun.

We also knew that it was October, and the world was ready for a new 'Throwing Things Off The World's Littlest Skyscraper' video. We'd be fools not to combine these two things, right?

That's exactly what we did. James, who is from Wichita Falls, was back in town and met us down at the Wichita Falls landmark to have a little fun, get in the fall spirit, and film this video of us throwing pumpkins off the skyscraper!

James also talked to us about what it was like to get cast on the show, how it was living with cameras on you 24/7 for 3 months, about the relationships made during the filming and more. He even let out a little info about what he's working on next!

Check out the video above to hear James and Drew talk and watch the pumpkin destruction - just in time for Halloween!

Thanks once again to our friends at Hello Again! Furniture Consignment Store for allowing us to have some stupid fun at their place of business.
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