If you're someone who always roots for your home team, you're going to have to support Wichita Falls' own James Huling on this upcoming season of 'Big Brother'.

First off I have to say, this show is on season 17 now? Where has the time gone? I remember watching the first couple seasons of this show and it doesn't seem like that long ago. If you have never watched 'Big Brother', the premise is simple: you live in a house with a bunch of random strangers. The people are completely isolated from the outside world, no phone, TV or internet. Each and every week, someone gets voted off the show by the different house guests.

The house guests are competing for half a million dollars. Hell, half a million dollars and I get to go live in a house rent free? Sign me up.

Well, James Huling of Wichita Falls is one of the lucky fourteen that will be competing for that money. We wish him the best of luck and hope he represents Wichita Falls in a positive light. And James, all I ask is, don't be the first one eliminated.

The new season of Big Brother starts June 24th on CBS.

Check Out James Huling's Audition Video Below:


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