Even though the State Fair of Texas is eight months away, you can still get a taste of it this March, when the fair makes its television debut.

Starting in March, you’ll be able to catch Deep Fried Dynasty on A&E.  The new reality show goes behind the scenes of some of your favorite food vendors at the State Fair of Texas, and the crazy new items that they come out with each year.

Not only does the series focus on the famous ‘fair food’ from a variety of different vendors, but it also on the people who make it happen.  According to A&E’s website the new show will have an emphasis on the “grease-soaked geniuses”, and “big personalities behind the mouth-watering food at the State Fair of Texas.”  Viewers will get a chance to see how their favorite 'fair food' is made, but they will get to know the people that make the treats that they crave every year.

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Each vendor sees tens of thousands of attendees over the course of the 24 days, that the state fair operates.  Deep Fried Dynasty will give viewers an inside look at the business side of each food stand, and how some of these vendors manage their finances.  Many of these food stands operate as small businesses, and rake in millions of dollars each year.

However, you won’t see one of the most famous vendors at the fair on the show.  Unfortunately, Fletchers Corny Dogs declined to be featured in A&E’s new reality show, and will not be making an appearance.

While I'm bummed that Fletchers Corny Dogs won't be making an appearance, I'm excited about this new show and will definitely be tuning in.

Deep Fried Dynasty will premiere on Tuesday, March 8th at 9 PM Central on A&E.

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