I saw the State Fair of Texas was opening soon and was going to do a story on what it has looked like throughout the years. Well, didn't like what I found today.

It Will Be the 100th Anniversary of Ku Klux Klan Day This Year

So I was planning on doing a fun story on, here is what the State Fair of Texas looked like 100 years ago. The problem with this...everything I can find on the 1923 State Fair of Texas is about the now infamous Ku Klux Klan Day. Well my day has taken a dark turn I wasn't expecting.

Apparently, The Biggest Initiation Ever for the Ku Klux Klan

Oh god, this story just gets worse. Apparently on October 24th, 1923 thousands of members were being inducted into the Klan. According to the other side of this flyer, the class was to have 10,000 new applicants. News sources says several thousand attended the ceremony, but don't know if they actually hit that 10,000 people goal.

1953 Is When Things Finally Changed at the State Fair of Texas

It was not until that year when black families could go to the State Fair of Texas whenever they wanted. Until 1953, they could only go on "negro days", which was only two days out of the season at the State Fair of Texas. Even then, rides were segregated. That change would not happen until 1961, where everyone can go anywhere they want.

Well a Fun Story, Turned into a Dark One Today

Seriously, I was planning on doing a comparison of the State Fair in 2023 to 1923 since Big Tex was going up today. I just want to avoid the 1923 State Fair of Texas, but it's important to know of the dark history of America. Even if it's an awful history many would like to ignore.

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