In December of last year, it was announced that two new restaurants will be coming to the Sikes Senter Mall. One of those restaurants, Brickhouse Tap House & Kitchen, is already open, and the other one, Red Robin, should be open very soon.

Most of us figured the new Red Robin restaurant, featuring Gourmet Burgers and Brews, would be open by now, but according to the guys doing the electrical work out there, it may still be at least another month until that's done.

The restaurant itself is pretty much complete, but the existing electrical components in the mall building are quite old and causing a few delays getting the new wiring installed.

Once the final inspections are done, it usually doesn't take long for a restaurant to open. There will probably be about a week or two for training and final preparations before the doors open, so our educated guess is that the Red Robin in Wichita Falls will be open sometime around mid October. Although, we have heard that Red Robin's training program is quite thorough, so it could be closer to the end of October before you get to sink your teeth into a juicy Whisky River® BBQ fire-grilled burger or a Smoke & Pepper™ gourmet burger.

We have reached out to Red Robin's corporate offices to get a solid open date, however, we have not heard back from them yet. As soon as they respond, we'll update this post with an exact date for you.

UPDATE: It looks like our guess of a mid October open date is correct. Red Robin's corporate office just responded and said that the Wichita Falls location is currently slated to be open October 17. There are still a few factors that could affect that date, but for now, that's the official word.

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