You see them outside the store and you have to stop and buy a box. 

Pretty cool survey from Influenster just released the most popular Girl Scout cookies by state. Since it's that time of the year where we all become addicted to those little cookies. Looks like the Red River isn't the only thing that divides Texas and Oklahoma. Our love of certain Girl Scout cookies also come between us.

Glad to see the state of Texas is with me and picks Caramel Delights as the favorite cookie. I grew up in the Northeast and they were called Samoas. Essentially the same cookie, but still the best.

Oklahoma has a different pick for favorite cookie. Thin Mints, which are my second favorite, but Caramel Delights should always win. I have had other cookies that taste similar to Thin Mints, but have yet to find another cookie that tastes like a Caramel Delight.

Actual Photo of my Girl Scout Cookies
Actual Photo of my Girl Scout Cookies

Funny thing. I just bought some Girl Scout Cookies last weekend. They were right downstairs from the studio. How could I say no on my cheat day? As you can see, I bought more boxes of Caramel Delights than anything. Still bought one Thin Mint to mix it up.

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