A Wichita Falls couple have been charged with child endangerment after allowing a woman to continue living with them after they discovered she molested their 6-year-old daughter.

33-year-old Paula JoAnn Carter and 38-year-old George Matthew Sapp were arrested on Tuesday after it was discovered that they allowed 19-year-old Dusti Gamble to continue living with them after Carter caught her sexually molesting their daughter.

Gamble was arrested earlier this month for aggravated sexual assault for the alleged abuses committed between February 2014, when Gamble began living with the family, and April of this year. Gamble told police she had touched the victim two other times. Carter said that she was aware that Gamble had touched the victim in the past, and Sapp said it was not the first time Gamble had been caught touching the victim, saying she pleaded with Sapp and Carter to not kick her out. Sapp also noted that Gamble had admitted to touching other children in the past.

Carter and Sapp are being held on $35,000 bond, and Gamble is being held on $115,000 bond.

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