Time to try out some craft beer made right here in the Falls. 

Sidecar Brewery is set to have a soft opening this Friday. This will be the first ever brewery here in Wichita Falls. It's located at the old Pumpjack Diner on Ninth and Broad in downtown Wichita Falls. Get ready to try a lot of new brews. They have ten ready to go right now and another six in the tanks.

Sidecar Brewing Wichita Falls
Credit: David Emry

It's a father-son duo that own Sidecar Brewing. The guys have twenty years experience in with brewing beer.

"We grew up traveling a lot and spending a lot of time visiting different breweries anywhere we would go, much to my mom's chagrin," Sidecar Brewing co-owner, Daniel Anderson told KFDX. "Like a lot of people in Wichita Falls, we'd kind of kick the town saying we don't have this or don't have that. So after doing that for two years we finally decided, you know what? Let's do it, let's start a brewery."

The guys go on to say that when one beer is finished, a new one will be right there to replace it. So if you want to try them out this weekend, they will be open Friday from 5 to 10. Also on Saturday from noon til 10.

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