You have probably spotted a few of these around town, but we bet you have never seen all of them.

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Since 2007, horse statues have been placed all over Wichita Falls. The good news is that over $150,000 has been raised to help out local organizations because of these art displays. Organizations like Faith Mission, Patsy's House, and Wichita Falls Downtown Development have gotten donations.

How Can You Get a Horse?

I assumed that it was only local businesses that bought horses, but as you can see in the list below. Some people have them at their own house. If you're interested in getting one, check out the Mane Event online. Let me know which one is your favorite in the post below.

Where is Every Wichita Falls Horse in Town?

Did you know Wichita Falls has over 60 horses around town? Check them all out below.

Wichita Falls Bee Infestation at Local 7/11

Looks like one of our local 7/11 stores had quite the bee infestation behind one of their outside walls. Here's some pretty cool exclusive photos of the removal process.

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