Only two cities in Texas made the list of top 10 cities for working parents, and it looks like Wichita Falls is, once again, one of the lucky few in the country. 

A new survey from SmartAsset released last week looked at nine criteria that would affect working parents in 464 United States cities. Some of them being the unemployment rate, the average high school graduation rate and the violent crime rate. They also looked at household income, average childcare costs, housing costs and average commute time.

Sadly, Wichita Falls is tanking in this survey. Granted, we're still in the top ten at nine. However, when this survey was conducted last year. We ranked at number two in the country. It doesn't look like anybody is gonna dethrone Orem, Utah in this survey.

Average commute time is a big reason why Wichita Falls ranked in the top ten. We actually have the third shortest of all the cities surveyed. Around fourteen and a half minutes is our average. Also high school graduation rate (96%). Which SmartAssest said was one of the highest in their study.

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