Early retirement is a dream many people have and, sadly, few get to actually achieve. But for the few who do get to call it quits before their heart does, finding just the right place to retire is usually high on the priorities list.

Forbes has released their picks for the top 10 places to retire and Wichita Falls has landed the number 3 spot. While we’re happy we made the list, the editors at Forbes could have at least picked a post-drought image of Lake Arrowhead or Lake Wichita, rather the one they used.


Many people who live in large cities like Dallas, Houston or even LA dream of a retirement in a not-so-rat-race environment. Cost of living, crime rates, and even employment opportunities are factors we all look for, even in retirement. After all, just because you retire doesn't mean you won't get bored and look for a part-time gig.

See the complete list below.

5. McAllen, TX
4. Evansville, IN (tie)
4. Hattiesburg, MS (tie)
4. Cleveland, TN (tie)
3. Jonesboro, AR (tie)
3. Wichita Falls, TX (tie)
2. Benton Harbor, MI (tie)
2. Sherman, Texas (tie)
2. Memphis, TN (tie)
1. Knoxville, TN

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