Wichita Falls resident Doug Armstrong  is ready to lose some weight and has decided to let us in on his journey on the TLC show 'My 600-lb Life'.

In case you missed it last night, a new episode of 'My 600-lb Life' premiered featuring a man from right here in Wichita Falls. Doug Armstrong says he got to 660 pounds because he was binge eating to deal with childhood trauma. Doug currently has three children and is not really able to help raise the kids. Ashley has gone through a weight loss procedure herself and is demanding Doug do the same to save their family.

Doug opens up in the show about his mother abandoning him as a little child. He also goes on to talk about an inappropriate relationship with an older boy, who was actually the son of one of the people that would come over to watch him since his dad was away in the military.

The support Doug has received from Wichita Falls has been amazing, he says. He posted this comment to the Wichita Falls Rants and Raves page last night:

"Thank you all so much for the encouragement! It's been a crazy ride and I'm blessed to have such a wonderful family and community in Wichita Falls. If you'd like updates, please join us at our Facebook page Doug Armstrong TLC's My 600 lb Life"

I have put small clips from the show above and below. If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can watch the full episode on the TLC website.

I just want to say to anybody trying to lose weight, it is possible. I thought I was in a never-ending hole with my weight. I never got to 600 pounds, but at my peak I did hit 325 pounds. You just have to have that goal and hit it.

I set a goal to be under 200 pounds, I actually got to around 180 a few years ago. Then I decided to start putting on muscle at the gym and I think I look pretty good nowadays. Doug, if you ever need a workout buddy, we will hop on the bike one day.

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