The Wichita Falls Police Department has issued a statement that contradicts internet rumors of a fake motorcycle cop pulling people over.

Reports had been going around social media all weekend warning drivers in Wichita Falls of a fake motorcycle cop pulling people over. The initial story stated that a driver on a motorcycle had been getting onto Central Freeway from Airport Rd. earlier in the week and swerved to miss a tractor trailer. According to the driver, he was pulled over shortly thereafter by someone on a motorcycle with flashing red and blue lights, and dressed as an officer with an embroidered badge, who let him off with a warning. The driver stated that he was driving on I-44 a little later and saw the same "officer" had pulled over another driver. The motorcycle driver said he looked at the "officer's" motorcycle and noticed that it was smaller than WFPD bikes and didn't carry a WFPD logo.

According to Times Record News, WFPD officials interviewed the driver of the motorcycle to get a timetable of the events, and then verified the information against traffic cameras. Officials discovered a traffic officer had been working the area, and when they spoke with him, the officer was able to recount all details of both traffic stops. Comparing the statements of the driver and the officer with the officer's bodycam footage, officials were able to determine that the traffic stops were legitimate and made by the officer. In a statement, the WFPD indicated the driver didn't get the full picture of what was going on as the officer was in full uniform, including a real badge and gun belt, and driving a marked WFPD motorcycle.

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