A porch pirate story with a happy ending? It doesn't happen often, but glad to see it happen right here in Wichita Falls.

Glad to see a positive Wichita Falls story going viral. Fernando Tezaguic recently shared his story after getting a strange knock on his door. He says over the Christmas break a random man knocked on his door. He says the man told him he recently got out of jail and was coming back to apologize.

Fernando had no idea what this man was apologizing for. The man told him two years ago around Christmas time, he was across the street at a friend's house. He saw some packages arrive at Fernando's house. This man then walked across the street and stole them. It looks like this man is trying to right the wrongs in his life and Fernando accepted his apology.

The man also offered some money to pay back the stolen items. Fernando says in his post he didn't want to accept the money. The man was insistent that he take the money and Fernando accepted. Fernando's daughter is currently raising money for a mission trip. He told this man this money would be going to that.

The two hugged on Fernando's front porch after they talked. Fernando seems like an amazing man and I'm happy to see this man trying to become a better person as well. I hope he stays on the right path and I would love to see more stories like this coming out of our city. If you would like to read Fernando's full story, you can see it in the post below.


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