I always thought the lack of traffic was the major plus to living here, but this could top that.

Something that we all need do is go shopping for groceries. We need food to survive and it looks like Wichita Falls has some of the least expensive groceries in the country, ranking 5th compared to the national average. In fact, four Texas cities are in the top five.

1.Brazoria County, Texas

2.Kalamazoo, Michigan

3. Temple, Texas

4. McAllen, Texas

5. Wichita Falls, Texas

On top of that, Wichita Falls ranks number one least expensive city for several specific grocery items, and I know you may really enjoy a couple of these. For instance, do you start the day with a nice cup of coffee? Wichita Falls has the least expensive coffee in the country at the grocery store. It is the most expensive in Columbus, Ohio at $7.48 compared to our $3.24.

Maybe coffee is not your thing, how about wine? Yep, Wichita Falls also has the cheapest wine prices in the country. People in Lexington, Kentucky pay $14.24 for wine, while Wichita Falls pays $3.27.

You can't survive on just coffee and wine. I'm sure some of you have tried that, but you need actual food as well. Wichita Falls has the least expensive ground beef in the country at $2.58. Meanwhile, up in Manhatten, New York, they pay $5.38.

Some other cheap items in Texas include cheap toothpaste in Harlingen, Texas. Temple, Texas has the cheapest peaches, San Antonio has cheap lettuce, and San Marcos has cheap bananas. So it looks like it literally pays to live in Texas.

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