When you have a song about wanting to kill Wichita Falls cops, they're probably looking for any reason to arrest you.

43-year-old Cedric Grey, who goes by the rap name C-Nyle, was arrested again on more drug charges this past week. Grey was pulled over this past Friday (4/6) at Barwise Street and Texas Avenue. A canine unit was alerted to possible narcotics in the vehicle. Turns out eighteen baggies of meth weighing about 521 grams were found in a CD Player box.

Gray was charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance. He just got out of prison last September where he served a sentence for distribution of crack cocaine. Just a couple of days after getting out, he was caught on a security camera switching fake dollar bills for real ones at the place where he worked.

C-Nyle has been in the rap game for a while now and in 2006 his CD was pulled off several Wichita Falls store shelves after local police complained about the lyrics. I think I found the song if you want to hear it, but be warned, it talks about the death of some Wichita Falls police officers and has bad language throughout.

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