Could this be the new anthem for America's Team?

As everyone probably knows, I am a massive Dallas Cowboys fan. I only live in Wichita Falls because the Dallas Cowboys once had training camp here (not a joke). So anytime something with the Cowboys comes up, people send it my way. Well our good friend at the station Eric Crosslin sent this my way. He is the host of the Social Space, which you can listen to Saturday mornings at 10:30 on NewsTalk 1290.

He said he is having this rapper on this weekend's show and he has a song that I would like. Hell yeah, we got a guy in Wichita Falls rapping about the Cowboys? Sign me the hell up. If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, I think you will appreciate it. Hell I think the Cowboys need a new anthem. You can't walk out of the stadium after a win without hearing 'We Dem Boyz' on blast every 2 seconds. Maybe this song can replace that one.

Speaking of replacing songs, for the love of God Dallas Cowboys. Stop playing the Bon Jovi song, 'This Is Our House' to pump up the crowd. It sucks and you need to stop playing the same video package for it that you have for the past five seasons. Jerry, you have the money to update that every season it is has been stale and boring for awhile now. Give me something with Pantera's 'Cowboys from Hell' and get the people going.

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