Do you need something to give you that little extra push to get through the day? Looking for the ways you can make a small change and have success? Need some words of advise to help you help yourself? This may be the video for you!

DJ Khaled is known to be full of words of wisdom. His Snapchat is full of small pieces of advice to bring yourself some success. He really is like a motivational speaker! Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Take those same pieces of advice, but have them coming out of the mouth of a child and it just becomes so much better. That's what the people from All Def Digital seemed to think when they made this new video (at the top of the page.)

Try to tell me that this kid giving you encouragement during push-ups wouldn't make you push yourself a little bit more. See if you don't think you should be eating that healthy breakfast to start your day. Come on! Another one!