About a year and a half ago, we introduced you to Knuckles. The Lawton, Oklahoma based rapper had just released a music video for 'Andyyyy' and it was ready to break the internet.

If you're wondering what Knuckles has been up to since then, we have some good news and some bad new for you. The bad news: The slick music video featuring dancing girls straight from Craigslist, rodeo clowns, and mud didn't catapult Knuckles into international super-stardom. The good news: The haters didn't shut Knuckles down and he's got a brand new video to prove it.

Friday, Knuckles posted the new video for his song 'Big Truck.' Much like before, it's one of the most Oklahoma things you will ever watch. He starts out dedicating the song to Prius drivers before going on for almost three minutes about...big trucks.

Between rhymes about carbon emissions, doing doughnuts, lift kits, and 4-wheel drive, the Lawton MC makes references to haters, Nascar, and country singer Alan Jackson. It's hard to define who exactly the target market is for this song. It's too much rap for the country crowd, but too redneck for a rap audience. Once again, the only way to define it is: Oklahoma.

You've got to hand it to Knuckles for trying though. He's still pulling Oklahoma-quality women to be back up dancers. He's apparently got enough friends with big trucks to make the video look up to par with the message of the song. He's not giving up yet.

Unfortunately, the best thing about the video is the one part that isn't probably what Knuckles wants to be known for. Throughout the whole video, it cuts to Knuckles sitting in the back of a truck spitting verses. What's that in the background behind the Lawton, Oklahoma MC? Well would you look at that, a big window decal of the state of Texas!


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