Got a birthday coming up? Well go have a meal here and celebrate in the most Wichita Falls way possible.

Best Birthday Celebration in Wichita Falls?

Me personally, I say a birthday party at The Deep End is the way to go. Unlimited video games, bar in the establishment, and Stone Oven Pizza on site? Yeah, that's everything I need for an epic birthday party. However a well known Wichita Falls restaurant just unveiled a crazy thing they're now doing for birthday celebrations.

You Can Now Dress Up Like The Famous Red Taco

When it comes to unique Wichita Falls meals, two things come to mind for a lot of folks. The Steak on Garlic, which many restaurants around town have their own take on. However the red taco has become a favorite in downtown Wichita Falls at Casa Manana for several decades. Well the restaurant recently unveiled something special you can do for your big birthday celebration.

The Official Red Taco Birthday Suit

That's right, you can now dress up as the famous red taco. I cannot think of anywhere else in the world besides Wichita Falls where we will throw someone in a red taco costume for their birthday. The good news is that you get a free sopapilla on your birthday AND a $5 gift certificate. I'll get into this weird costume for some free stuff.

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Now I need P2 to make some sort of Red Draw costume for people's birthdays and we can really make a full birthday day in Wichita Falls.

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