Crime doesn’t pay. Even if you think you got away with it, sooner or later you’ll have to face the consequences of the choices that you make.  A former Foot Locker employee is now in police custody after admitting to stealing over $40,000 from the store’s Wichita Falls location over three years ago.

Back in March of 2019, Julius Hastings was working as a manager at the Foot Locker located at Sikes Center Mall right here in Wichita Falls.  According to KFDX, when the store did an internal audit, they found that four deposits were missing.  Store investigators found that a total of $48,000 was missing.  After reviewing the store’s surveillance video, they suspected that Hastings was behind the missing money, and notified local police.

Hastings cooperated with both law enforcement, and the store’s own investigators.   He even admitted to taking the cash, since he had the keys that were required to open the store’s safe where the money was kept.  He later told the investigators, in a written statement that he only took the money, because he needed it to help pay for his unborn child that he had at the time.

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Even though he admitted to committing the crime, Hasting wasn’t taken into police custody, since enforcement didn’t have an arrest warrant at the time.  However, his actions finally caught up with him, and last week Hastings was taken into police custody, and was charged with embezzlement, almost three years after he admitted to stealing the money.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

Even though the $48,000 probably came in pretty handy into paying for the unborn child, it wasn’t worth it.  Now Hastings is going to have to face the consequences for his alleged actions.

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