Our next big holiday is Thanksgiving. That's right, NOT CHRISTMAS! Don't be skipping one of my favorite holidays. If you're someone that travels, you might want to be prepared for some weather.

I personally love Thanksgiving, honestly more than Christmas. We have a holiday where I am encouraged to binge eat and I am guaranteed a Dallas Cowboys game to go along with it? If you know me, those are like my two favorite things in the whole world. My Thanksgiving tradition is driving down to Arlington for the game and I look forward to it every year.

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I know a lot of folks travel that weekend to go have Thanksgiving in other parts of the country, but if you're staying here for Thanksgiving. Let's take a look ahead to the weather for our area according to fine folks at the Farmer's Almanac. I'm honestly shocked that they have an 80% success rate with their predictions.

Thanksgiving Prediction from the Farmer's Almanac

According to their Thanksgiving weather prediction for the South Central part of the United States, they say a fair Thanksgiving followed by a significant snow in higher terrains of western NM, TX, OK. What would the higher terrains of Texas be?

This would be considered the Amarillo area of Texas. Wichita Falls would be considered the North Central Plains, according to their regions map. So if you're traveling Northwest of Wichita Falls for turkey day, you might want to be prepared for some snow heading back that weekend.

Friendly reminder, no matter how big your truck or SUV is, you still need to drive with caution in the snow. I don't care that your vehicle has a 'snow mode'. Slow down when the snow or ice comes down this winter. This friendly reminder brought to you by a common sense driver.

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