This is why I rarely get out when the roads are bad.

Seriously, I would rather not travel a few blocks to the grocery store if I can keep from it. This part of Texas doesn’t have nearly enough resources to treat frozen roadways. 

They’ll typically clear the main roads and put salt on the overpasses and that’s about it. So, even a short trip can be treacherous.

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But sometimes you have no choice but to get out on those roads. For instance, truckers don’t make a dime when their wheels aren’t turning. 

And people need groceries and other goods no matter how bad the roads are. Fortunately, there are those willing to risk it to deliver those goods. 

I can’t imagine the stress truckers must feel when hauling a trailer full of stuff on a frozen highway.  

A trucker friend of mine once told me the worst thing a person can do is pull in front of a truck and hit their brakes, as it’s so hard for them to quickly slow down due to the weight of the load. So, you know it’s hard for them to regain control once they start to slide. 

A user on Reddit posted a video compilation of several trucks stranded on a stretch of I-20 in what appears to be East Texas. While it’s not clear what happened other than the aftermath, hopefully, everyone involved is okay.

i20, Texas.
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