Something we don't mess around with in Wichita Falls is the tornado siren. Well it went off again last night, for no reason.

Remember Back in 2019 When This Happened?

Yeah this is not the first time that our new tornado siren has inadvertently gone off. Of course in Wichita Falls we expect to hear the tornado sirens at certain times of the year. The first Monday of every month at noon or of course when a tornado is touching down in our area. That should be it, however last night people started freaking out on the south side of Wichita Falls when the siren started going off.

Sirens Go Off Around 9PM Last Night, Listen Below

That clearly sounds like the same siren we would expect to hear when a tornado is touching down in our area. Everyone scrambled to find any sort of severe weather in our area, but...nothing. It was a calm night in Wichita Falls so everybody was trying to figure out what was going on.

Another Malfunction on Our Sirens

Back in 2012, Wichita Falls Upgraded Tornado Siren System

Nothing like a $150,000 upgrade that has now set off two sirens when nothing is happening in Wichita Falls. At the time of the upgrade, City Emergency Preparedness Coordinator John Henderson said the project is to upgrade the old Thunderbolt model sirens to modern ones. "Like anything they need to be phased out, replaced with newer more modern sirens that are more reliable," he said.

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Guess they just don't make them like they used to.

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