Another road rage incident in Wichita Falls where a gun was pulled.

This past Friday, Wichita Falls police were called out to Taft Boulevard near Midwestern State University for a shooting. The incident was apparently a road rage incident. According to police, the victim was southbound on Taft Boulevard when he came up on a white Kia Soul that was driving slow. Authorities said some words were exchanged between the two vehicles.

Police said the suspect driving the white Kia Soul then passed the victim on the left and caused him to stop. The suspect then shot at the victim three times. One of the bullets struck the victim in the leg. Police said no one is currently in custody for this crime. According to authorities, two people were in the suspects vehicle, a male and a female.

The Wichita Falls Warriors did have a game on Friday night, but police do not believe the game was a reason for the shooting. The Warriors did win on Friday, but they did postpone their game on Saturday due to unforeseen circumstances. This could be due to the shooting, but in the age of Covid, it could have been a positive test on either team.

As of this posting, the Warriors nor the Wichita Falls police department have released the name of the victim in the case. If you or someone you know that matches the description of the white Kia Soul that were driving around with a male and a female on Friday night around 10:53 PM on Taft Boulevard. Please call CrimeStoppers at (940) 322-9888.

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