Irlanda Parra ain't putting up with this dude's crap anymore.

This past Sunday, Wichita Falls police were called out to Jefe's Restaurant around 2 am. That restaurant turns into a nightclub on the weekends and stays open later than the normal restaurant hours. The victim claims Irlanda Parra was his child’s mother and she was in the parking lot armed with a taser.

An officer was able to stop the car driven by Parra. She claims she was there to pick up her husband and that is when this other group of women tried to jump her. So she pulled out her taser. I'm not sure if these two are married or not. The man claims she is the mother of his child, but she says it is her husband. Let's just say these two had some sort of relationship at some point.

She then starts changing her story around. She first said her husband called to pick her up. Then she changed it to, a friend saw him at the nightclub with another woman. So she was going there to confront him. He claims he was trying to leave with this other woman and that's when Parra confronted him.

He got out of the car and tried to confront Parra. That is when she tried to tase him and this other woman. He allegedly showed officers a red mark on his hand where he was tased. Witnesses told officers they saw Parra attempting to tase several people in the lot. Another man was able to disable the taser from Parra and it was later found in her car.

Irlanda Parra was charged with assault family violence. Just another crazy story from right here in Wichita Falls.


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