Guessing she had an insane amount of dishes she had to get done. 

This past Tuesday, police were called out to the Family Dollar on Old Iowa Park road. Someone called in a possible theft in progress. A thirty-eight-year-old woman was stopped because she matched the description given. She gave police a fake name but when they searched for her I.D., they found the stolen items in her purse.

Turns out her real name is Shantae Esi Lyons. The items in question that were stolen was some dish soap from the Family Dollar. Ten bottles of dish soap to be exact. Guess she was stocking up for the year.

She faces a list of charges including theft over $2,500 enhanced with previous convictions, failure to identify, and criminal trespass. Officers said Lyons had been barred from this location in 2015. Her bond is listed at $4,500.

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