A woman on Reddit says her friend accused her of trying to steal her boyfriend because she showed up to meet him for the first time while wearing a dress.

"My friend has been dating a new guy for a few months and wanted me to tag along for drinks yesterday so I could meet him for the first time. I was willing to hang out with both of them and have a good time so I agreed," the woman wrote in her post.

About an hour before their scheduled meet-up, the woman's friend asked her to send photos of what she was planning to wear.

"I told her I was probably going to decide last minute after I showered. We were just going to a bar so I figured it wasn’t that serious," she shared, adding that her friend insisted she didn't "wear any makeup," even though she normally wears "very little to no makeup."

"At this point, I was annoyed. I asked her why she was trying to police what I wore and how I looked. If she was uncomfortable with me being there, I could just stay home. I only agreed to do this because she asked me to. She apologized and said she was just 'looking out for me' because I don’t frequently go to bars and didn’t want me to look silly. I thanked her for her concern and hung up," the woman recalled.

The woman ultimately stuck to her "usual makeup routine" but decided to "wear a dress" that she "was looking forward to wearing on a date."

"I was meeting my boyfriend for dinner after drinks with my friend/her [boyfriend] so I figured it was the perfect time to put it on. When I arrived to the bar to meet my friend and her boyfriend, she was immediately upset. She pulled me aside and accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend. I told her she was being ridiculous, I hadn’t even said more than a 'hi' before she flew off the handle," she continued.

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After being uncomfortable for an hour, the woman decided to leave.

"My friend messaged me the next day and said she was extremely hurt because I decided to 'dress hot' despite her asking me not to. She thinks I purposely tried to make her look bad in front of her new boyfriend. I said she was insane because I’ve been dating my boyfriend for [three] years and don’t want anything to do with hers," she wrote.

Now, her friend is "extremely upset" with her and the two women aren't speaking.

In the comments section, Reddit users rallied behind the woman, with many slamming her insecure friend.

"She sounds insecure and that’s her problem. She can’t police you on what to wear," one person wrote.

"If she’s going to be that insecure about having someone else around her boyfriend she shouldn’t have even asked you to meet him," another commented.

"So, she can't trust you or her [boyfriend]? Sounds like she is not the kind of friend you need to keep around. How dare she try to control your appearance. The fact that she tried to make it seem like she was looking out for you just goes to show how comfortable she is at manipulating you," someone else shared.

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