A Wichita Falls woman was arrested Thursday (July 14th) after pulling a knife out of her underwear and then using it to assault another woman.

According to KFDX, Wichita Falls Police arrested 54-year-old Erma Olivas around 7pm last night for aggravated assault, unlawful carrying of a weapon and threat of obstruction or retaliation.

Erma Olivas Via WFPD

Allegedly, Olivas approached another woman who was taking out her trash on Holliday Rd. near 32nd street. The woman said that Olivas started yelling threats at her. Then things really got weird.

The victim claims that Olivas then lifted up her dress, reached into her panties, and pulled out a 5-inch kitchen knife. While holding the knife, Olivas used her other hand to punch the woman.

When WFPD officers arrived, they found Olivas about three blocks away from the original scene. They said that instead of just surrendering, she instead started yelling threats towards the police about them and their families.

Officers were eventually able to take her into custody. No reports have indicated if there was anything else found in her underwear at the time.

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