A mom in Rome, NY is not happy about what her son is being served for his school lunch. Tania Premo posted the photo above to social media after receiving it in a text from her son.

According to WFRG-FM, Premo said “This was served to my son. It’s supposed to be a slice of turkey. This is what kids in most schools are being fed. No excuses-this should not be allowed in any school!” She also says that she's e-mailed the school about the quality of food being fed to the students.

WFRG reached out to the school and received this statement:

It is our highest priority to make sure we serve the best meals we can to all of our students. We are very sorry this happened and we want to make sure your children, our customers, have every right and encouraged to receive another meal option or a new one. The food service staff has and will continue to be accommodating to all students and staff.

Our mission is to provide every student the opportunity to pick and choose from a wide range of healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals in a friendly and educational atmosphere; each and every day. Keeping our kids safe and healthy is our number one priority.

What do you think? Is it just an unflattering picture of a piece of turkey and the kid should have eaten it? Is it way too gross to be served to the students? Comment below and let us know if you would want this school lunch served to your kids.