One of the more intriguing aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon is the appearance of crossed sticks or an X formation in the woods.

Most bigfoot explorers and folklorists have a theory as to the formation of these structures.

Most bigfoot X's are basic with two sticks crossed. Some will argue that they are formed naturally by chance when branches fall, say during a storm, others see intelligent construction behind the X.

Forest X's Mean Stay Away or Territory Markers

The topic of crossed sticks came up recently on the Bigfoot the Real Truth Facebook group. Members debated the meaning behind the sticks and if they are a method of communication, are they meant for humans or other bigfoot clans?

Below are some comments from the Facebook group and their theories:

The Stay Out Theory

I truly think that it means stray OUT!, I have seen tons on my property including little ones flat on the ground.

Not sure, but I believe the X means stay away

Keep out a my Woods!

Communication with other Bigfoot

Maybe it's a sign to meet there in that spot or to let other Bigfoot know where to find them, with out giving up ones location

I think they are territorial markers

I believe in my findings that the Xs are for them and to warn them of things like human dangers, contaminated water sources ect.

The Humans Can't Comprehend Theory

Well it's not meant for humans to understand it's a sign that only their people know and understand

The Energy Vortex Theory

They are markers for energy vortexes. Some larger than others. They use vibrational energy for most things they can do.

They are also attracted to areas of high energy and positive people.with good energy

Whatever they are and whether they are natural in origin or not, the X has a natural and deep-seated meaning to humans in the negative.

This Youtube video shows an explorer who came across an X on an overnight camping trip.

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