Bigfoot may be closer to us than you think. How close? Close enough that I can show you the Google Maps location that's in our part of central Illinois.

I first saw this crazy story shared on Yahoo News. It's based on an official Bigfoot Researchers Organization report made in the past couple weeks. According to the Yahoo report, the sighting came from a 59-year-old engineer who lives in Peoria. I don't want to misquote this man, so here are his exact words as reported to the Bigfoot Researchers Organization:

Saturday night I was driving at 10:30 PM in Central Illinois heading from Cass County to Tazewell County. A car was probably 3/4 mile ahead of me and I could see their tail lights.

I saw a large animal jump into the road about 40 yards ahead. When it hit the road I could see very large legs spread wide in a dead run with large swinging hairy arms. The arms switched back and forth close to the ground as its body was leaning forward. It leaped across the road in two jumps. When it hit the shoulder it looked back at me. I said to myself out loud "f***ng Bigfoot!"

It was a about 2 seconds before it vanished in the darkness altogether but I could see it clearly. It was very large and even though it was hunched over nearly horizontal it still was close to being wider than my car and nearly to the top of my windshield. It blocked out the lights of the car ahead. It had shinny black hair. I could not see eyes or mouth but saw its head turn towards me before it jumped into the dark field.

That's quite a tall story. Let's break it down. He's an engineer. If you know any engineers, you know it's highly likely this is a highly-educated guy. That's one point in the positive column for him. As a skeptic, I noticed the sighting happened late at night where he was looking at some type of being through vehicle headlights. Shadows can play tricks on your eyes. I'm assuming he's smart enough to not have been drinking prior to driving, so I'll cut him slack on that front.

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However, he said he saw the beast clearly and really didn't seem to have any doubt about the fact that he was seeing something highly unusual.

On the official report, he gave the Google Map coordinates. For what it's worth, it's approximately here north of Chandlerville, Illinois.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

One other interesting note on his report caught my eye and has to do with one wildcard factor in Bigfoot sightings. How predisposed was this guy to Bigfoot before the sighting? Here's another exact quote from him in the report:

My co-worker says hunters, fisherman and barge operators have had multiple sightings in that area. Supposedly the locals say a clan of Bigfoot live there and they are not threating to humans.

So he and his buddies had talked about a clan of harmless Bigfoot in that area? Right...

Listen, I'm not saying the guy didn't see Bigfoot. Again, he's an engineer and I respect that. But, I will say that your eyes might be more likely to trick you if you EXPECT to see Bigfoot at some point. That's just my opinion.

It still stands as one of the more interesting Bigfoot stories in our area in recent memory.

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