They say the "Third times the charm". We will see if the XFL can make it last more than one season after two separate tries in the past.

History of the XFL

Back in 2001, Vince McMahon launched the XFL. At this point in time, the WWF was printing money. So sure, why not start up a new football league. The XFL did give us some new innovations in football. For instance, sky cams and having in game audio from the players while the game was going on. The league failed after one year and we thought the XFL was done forever.

2020 Reboot

19 years later, the XFL came back. This time actually showing Texas some love with two teams in the Lone Star State. The original XFL had no team even remotely close to Texas. The new league launched in February of 2020 and we all know what happened just a few short weeks later. April of 2020, the league announced it was suspending operations and canceling the season due to Covid.

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I actually tuned in to a few games and was planning on going to a game literally the week the world shutdown. I really thought this was my last time I would ever have a chance to go to an XFL game.

2023 Season Kicks Off This Weekend

Here in North Texas, we have the Arlington Renegades. You have most likely been to their stadium, under a different name back then. Choctaw Stadium is now what it is called, but back in the day you probably called it The Ballpark in Arlington. Your former home of the Texas Rangers is now the home of the Arlington Renegades.

Cost of an Arlington Renegades Game?

So I was curious, how expensive is an XFL ticket for their opening weekend? Turns out, really affordable. Tickets start at $24, with the most expensive being $102 to have a premiere seat lower level near the fifty yard line. Considering the fact that the big boys in the NFL next door (Dallas Cowboys) have their cheapest ticket at $30, I would say it's worth checking out. Friendly reminder, that $30 is standing room only for a Cowboys game. For that $24 with the Renegades you're getting a seat.

I can't make it to the home opener this weekend, but the Renegades have four more home games this year. I will try to make one of the games in March if I have a free weekend. I really think spring football can work if you make it affordable for the fans and I think the XFL prices are reasonable.

Victory Tuesday: Wildcard Playoff Edition

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This Wichita Falls Home Was Once a Recording Studio

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