I have wanted to go to an XFL game my whole life and I finally crossed it off the bucket list.

Back in 2001, the WWF was one of the biggest things I was paying attention to. You have to remember Wrestlemania X-7 was that year and Vince McMahon was printing money with the WWF. So he decided to start his own football league. Me being the big wrestling fan I was, I wanted to support it. Sadly, living in Maryland, my closest team was in New York. So no chance in hell my parents were driving several hours for an XFL game.

Then in 2020, the league rebooted. New teams, new cities, and here in North Texas. We got the Renegades. I was planning on going to a game on March 29th, 2020. It was finally going to happen. I would be at an XFL game! Right around this time, the world shut down including the XFL. In fact, the XFL announced a few months later they were done for good...again.


Last year, we found out The Rock himself bought the rights to the XFL and it would be coming back in 2023. I quickly looked at the Renegades schedule for 2023 and determined the earliest game I could go to was on March 5th. Unless some global catastrophe happened again, I would be at this damn game.

Seating for Arlington Renegades Game

attachment-Screenshot 2023-03-06 102352

Ignore the ticket prices above, when I was looking at tickets for the game. I saw this map of Choctaw Stadium and I see that section to the left of the field. Would you assume, that would be some on the field access? It's literally on the grass! I was like, I am getting tickets there. I got front row seats and here is where you're actually sitting for this game.

Vegas Vipers v Arlington Renegades
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Do you see those makeshift bleachers across the field? That is where you sit for an XFL game. I'm not sure what the best seat option is at this stadium, but that is not what I was expecting judging from the map on my app. Also, do not get front row in this section. Why?

Houston Roughnecks v Dallas Renegades
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Here's a photo from the 2020 season. That is the section I was in behind this interview. You see how front row has a lovely bar at EXACT EYE LEVEL. I get it's there to make sure people don't fall onto the field, but my god was it annoying the whole game. I will be getting higher seats next time I go.

I will admit, it was not the most exciting game. What I mean by that is not a lot of scoring. The Renegades have scored at minimum two touchdowns in their first two games. I got to see one, which you can watch above. That was the only touchdown of the day for the Renegades. They did get the win 10-9.

What I learned from my experience there yesterday. It sure is weird that the old Rangers stadium, is now a football stadium. Walking around, you still see some Rangers stuff lying around the stadium. The bathrooms still have a baseball player on the door before you walk in. The Renegades only sell tickets in the lower bowl and from what I saw yesterday. It looked like a really good turnout.

We will see if the XFL can last more than one season. I will probably not go to another game this year, but if it is around in 2024, I will be there. By the way, on Friday I talked about a new steakhouse opening up in the stadium. I went to go check it out and I had to say. It was like this one scene in 'Meet the Parents'.

The game ended at 6 and the restaurant was open til 10. I decided to see if I could get a table, even though they were not accepting reservations on their website for this day. The hostess told me, well you really should have a reservation. I look around, NO ONE is in this place.

I told her if you don't accept walkins that's fine, but she's like I will try to fit you in. I want to state, I ate a full meal in about an hour. Two other tables sat down the entire time, that was it. This place was nowhere close to capacity. My meal was very good, but I just don't know if a fancy steakhouse will last in Choctaw Stadium.

All in all, good Sunday out in Arlington. Check out an XFL game if you need something to do this spring. The Renegades have three more home games the rest of the year.

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