Use to be that when thinking self-portraits, one would think about accomplished artists like Van Gogh staring at a mirror and  painting what they saw.  Nowadays, the new self-portrait is pointing your phone at the mirror and taking the shot.  Well, unfortunately, that can go so very wrong.


Talk about a photo bomb! I don't know of anything quite as sexy as posing in your party dress while your less attractive friend gorges herself with a delicious corn dog! Actually, now that I think about it, the friend eating the dog appears to be having more fun.


Oh my, here's another candidate for the coveted Chris Callaway "Mother-Of-The-Year" award. I'm sure that nothing will turn on potential suitors quite like you in a raggedy T-shirt & panties while both of your toddlers look on and think to themselves, "When I grow up, I want to be just like Mommy!" It's the circle of life, indeed.


When I think gangsta' I think Justin Beiber! In fact, he's so dreamy, that, after being in this room, our wannabe gangsta' turned over a new leaf and is now dedicated his life to helping others find the bliss that can only be described as Beiberific! (??????)


"Finally! This is the perfect angle to take a self-portrait. Nobody will see my muffin-top!!!!" Ooooooops. "Damn that mirror, damn it to hell!"


"Ah, Yoshi-San, we are two well-dressed dudes. Let's take picture! Oh no, round-eye peeing! Photo ruined! BANZAIIIIIIIII!

Disgusting bonus fail, view at own risk!!!!!!